I began as a sketch artist with a #2 pencil on my school notebooks, as many of us did.  As my powers of observation sharpened, I realized that my beloved sketch of a horse had backward knees, to my eternal embarrassment.  A gift of oil paints from my father led me to explore color, and after many years of painting badly, I became a competent realistic oil painter, although I remained too traumatized to paint horses again ever.  
As I began to play with acrylic paints I realized that there was more to art than coloring within the lines of reality.  I could create my own lines, and hence, my own reality. I developed techniques, through a series of happy accidents, to make my own materials for collages and works of mixed media.  As time goes on, the media is getting more and more mixed, and the lines matter less and less.

Reality will take care of itself.  Leave me alone. I am playing.